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[   ]lsr-0.6-src.tar.gz 2019-10-12 13:43 473K 
[   ]lsr-2023-06-08.mysql..>2023-06-08 03:15 7.0M 
[   ]lsr-snippets-all-202..>2023-06-08 03:15 2.3M 
[   ]lsr-snippets-docs-20..>2023-06-08 03:15 327K 

Here is a brief descriptions of the files in this directory.

- lsr-snippets-*.tar.gz is a tarball containing all snippets
  as files whose name is the snippet title.

- lsr-*.mysqldump.gz is a gzip'd dump of the current database.

- lsr-*-src.tar.gz is a tarball with the sources of the GPL code
  behind LSR.