Adding articulations from a template

Repeating the same articulations a great number of time can be a bit time-consuming to enter.

The function copyArticulations here, automates the job by copying the articulations from a pattern into your music.

As the music is rarely always the same, a few extra functions can give you some flexibility.

The code of the image below is the following:

      { c( c) c-. c-. }          %% the pattern
      {                          %% the music
        c16 d e f g a b c b8 a g f
        \notCA e1
        \nSkipArti #2
        r8 d16 e f g a b c8 g e g
        \notCA c,1

Here, \notCA allows you to keep the music untouched and \nSkipArti #2 skips 2 notes (so 2 articulations) in the pattern.

Download the code of this function here :