Using lyrics as markup text

The snippet allows to re-use the lyrics as a markup, e.g. for extracting a libretto. It defines a \verse markup-command to include \lyricmode Text. You can decide to use a linebreak-character or wrap lines in the marked places:

words = \lyricmode {
  Du lil -- le \markup \italic fis -- \markup \italic ker \nl 
  Du \markup \italic lil -- \markup \italic le fis -- ker
\markup {
  \override #'(line-width . 40) % set the line-width
  \override #'(display-nl . #t) % show a newline-character or break lines (default)
  \override #`(make-line . ,make-wordwrap-markup) % use word-wrapped and left aligned or justifed (default) lines/paragraphs
  \verse #words