Aligning columns from different markups

One can use \markup \fill-line { \column { "line1" "line2" ... } \column { "line1" "line2" ... } } to create text markup in multiple columns (for example, writing out the text of various stanzas after the score). However, the column widths are calculated from the contents, so columns from different markups are not aligned with each other.
However, one can write a \columns macro, which makes each column exactly 1/n of the line-width, thus aligning even columns of different markups. The syntax stays the same, only that one has to use \columns instead of \fill-line:
\markup \columns {
  \column{"default column 1" "line 2"}
  \column{"column 2, wider than the rest" "line 2"}
  \column{"c 3" "line 2"}