Ready-to-use LilyPond macros: advanced layout and titles, using a special stylesheet

Taking LilyPond to a whole new level

This snippet is actually a set of advanced macros that provide some useful predefined commands. You can just copy the whole code, paste it in a separate file, named, for instance, 'book-titling.ily'; then just include it in your score and use the provided macros (see the end of the snippet description if you want an example of an actual score source file).

Using LilyPond to produce a whole book

This snippet allows you to create:

The following commands are provided (in addition to LilyPond standard syntax):: In this snippet, you will find the ready-to-use stylesheet (you may save it as a separate file named "book-titling.ily", and then include it in your scores), and at the bottom of the source code, a short example demonstrating some of these abilities.